Laptop Battery Optimizer gives more juice!

Everyone wants more laptop battery life without having to plug it in all the time. Through Laptop Battery Optimizer advanced scan, battery life can be managed. Laptop Battery Optimizer extend your battery life X2! How is it possible? - It uses a new technology to throttle the CPU with more stability. - It put the computer, the screen and the light into standby (still putting the PC to sleep when a program prevents it). With Laptop Battery Optimizer, you will have more juice without stop doing the same thing on your pc!

This software uses a new technology to throttle the CPU. Indeed, the binary frequency modulation is dynamically similar between the increase time and the decrease time activity. In summary, KAR Energy Software throttles the frequency 3 times faster than Windows. This can be done automatically or manually.

This software is for peoples who want to have more battery life on the laptop without stoping working.

Laptop Battery Optimizer


Laptop Battery Optimizer 5.9

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